Hi there! My name is Stephen Alred Jr. Nice to meet ya! 

A little about me: I love my wife and God. I'm passionate about startups, technology, personal finance, and helping others. I am very much an ideas person, but I do love the process of executing just as much. My background is in business consulting and financial advising. I've started three businesses since I graduated high school...all centered around startups, technology, personal finance, and helping others (who would've seen that coming?).

I am currently a Director at XY Planning Network, an organization that focuses on helping financial advisors who want to serve Generations X & Y design, build and grow successful businesses.

Planting Wealth is my blog on all subjects that I believe will enhance your personal, professional, and financial lives. I created this website to be a place where people can come to learn to establish a better relationship with the world around them.

You're probably wondering, "what the heck does that mean?" It means that my goal is to help you build your ideal life. Not the one you're told you should have...the one you want.

This site is not a motivational blog. It's not a self-help blog either. It is a canvas that I aim to paint my perspective and opinions on life and how to get to your elusive "why" and live by it every single day.

“I know that if I can give you just one piece of knowledge...this blog will be worth it.”
— Stephen Alred Jr.

I have a ton of content coming your way. From posts about managing behavior to interviews, to Q&A posts, infographics, listicles (because everyone loves listicles), and hopefully...I'll be able to wrangle some amazing guest bloggers as well. Our goal is to have Planting Wealth be a site you check multiple times a week for deeper insight and information into how to improve your life.  I appreciate you for giving me a shot. I know that if I can give you just one piece of knowledge...this blog will be worth it. 

If you see something you have a question about, please fill reach out via the contact firm. 

I know there are A LOT of options out there. I'm are incredibly honored that you've chosen my site to read. My hope is that it impacts you in some way. That you are able to put the content you find here into action, immediately seeing results in your life. 

Also, feel free to invite your friends, coworkers, and family. The more the merrier.

And if you want to know about what my wife and I are up to, click HERE.


Stephen Alred Jr.