“I truly believe that the reason people don’t live out their ideal life...is because they don’t know where to learn.”
— Stephen Alred Jr.

One thing I get a kick out of is learning new things about myself. It’s just really fascinating to me.

The idea that if I met myself five years from now, I may not even recognize that person is both exhilarating and scary. What if I’m a terrible person? What if I’m homeless? What if I’m able to accomplish my life’s goals by 35 (and peak)? What job will I be doing if I hit my stride?

Let me give you an example:

if you’ve been following along, you know my wife and I are leaving to travel the world in five days (as of this writing).

One year ago this wasn’t even on the table to possibly be an opportunity. I was just getting the hang of consulting ($200/hour isn't a bad income). I was a month away from kicking the marketing of my financial planning firm into high gear. It was on.

And then the COO of a company that I worked for part-time asked if I would be interested in giving up what I had spent a year building, and come work for their team. I said... "yeah, right. Besides, in my mind, I was extremely under qualified and I loved the independence. This goes to show you how great of a salesman he is.

That decision changed our lives dramatically.

Fast forward one year and we’re 97% sure we’ll be moving to Bozeman, Montana in 2019. FREAKING BOZEMAN. "cold bozeman" as we like to call it.

A move that neither one of us is excited about (too cold, too expensive to get to, too much snow, too small, etc..), but that’s how much both of us believe in this company.

Who would’ve thought that this would be our lives? Definitely not us.

Heck, up until October of 2016, I was driving delivery for four different companies to try and make enough money to get my businesses off the ground. When I got the money, I had one month to put it to work before ending up at XY Planning Network.

27-year-old me would probably scoff at 28-year-old me. “Sell-out....you said you could never have a boss again.”

28-year-old me would simply say, “but I get to travel the world for a year. You were stuck driving delivery shifts.”

See? Wouldn’t recognize each other.

And that’s just 12 months apart. Imagine how 40-year-old me will look at 28-year-old me.

New Year. Same Goal. (2018 edition)

New Year. Same Goal. (2018 edition)

Sacrificing past, present, and future for our trip

Sacrificing past, present, and future for our trip