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Tech Review: Penny

What is "Penny":

Penny is a personal finance app that I've fallen in love with. Penny is not what most people think of when it comes to personal finance apps. It doesn't allow you to build a detailed budget, it doesn't invest your dollars in some complex algorithm. What it does do is keep track of your money, where you spend it, if there are any changes in your spending patterns.

The best part, in my personal opinion, is the conversational style of its presentation. All interactions with the AI is formatted like a texting conversation. Penny asks you questions about your do, how good of a job she's doing, and in some cases for a high five. While this could be a little overkill in the attempt to be as human as possible, the engineers behind t do a great job of making the finances the forefront. The personality gimmicks are woven in thoughtfully.


  • Conversational - feels like a text message
  • Quirky, humorous, uses pop culture references
  • Aggregates spending and income in easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • Very quick


  • Doesn't do much more than track your spending and income
  • Probably will need a Mint, Home Budget, or Quicken to supplement the budgeting side of things
  • Won't work without connecting to your bank accounts

Cost: Free

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