“I truly believe that the reason people don’t live out their ideal life...is because they don’t know where to learn.”
— Stephen Alred Jr.

WealthMov of the Week: What and Why

At Ignite Financial, we do everything in our power to provide consistent value to any of our millennial clients, prospects, or readers (Planting Wealth, Mental Snacks). Most of the individuals who interact with our brand love all of the educational features on the "Brain Food" section of our website. We aim to expand those to different mediums, hence our new course launch of Ignite My Money.

Then we had a thought, we readily admit that we're not experts in everything millenials will need financial advice on, but how can we leverage the experience and knowledge of others? Enter WealthMov of the Week!

WealthMov is a play on words, Wealth & Movie. We love going down Youtube rabbit trails ourselves and believe this will help all of our visual subscribers get regular financial advice from experts that aren't us! What we are hoping to accomplish with WealthMov is to build a platform of experts. Eventually we will have personalities and experts send us original, exclusively content just for our Planting Wealth website. 

Videos will be published every Friday at 2:00pm. Stay tuned!

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